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Our mission at Rugged Apparel Shop is to provide you with QUALITY gear without burning your wallet.

Shopping outdoor gear has become a big pain nowadays. If you want to buy from big brand, you have to spend at least a few hundreds dollars to get the gear you want. On the other hand if you buy from places like Amazon/Wish/Aliexpress, you will get cheap product but the quality is often so shitty you end up throwing them in the garbage.

What we do, is offering you the low priced product while maintaining consistent product quality for all the gears that we sells.

Our promise: if our customer can find sources from other places that offers lower price while selling the exact level quality product, simply email us proof at [email protected] and we will fund you the price difference.


1. holiday or clearanec sale item, reburbished or resale items are not eligible.

2. The vendo has to sell the same quality gear( a lot of vendors steals images from us and sell inferior quality products in order to arbitrage quick profit). Wish or Aliexpress Vendor do not qualify.

3. Their price need to be significantly lower than us, 10% price difference is enough.


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